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Determined to make a difference despite the odds

The Global Ischemia Foundation was created to encourage research in the area of central nervous system ischemic accidents. A Global Ischemic Event deprives brain tissue and cells of required oxygen and nutrients to sustain survival and contribute to standard neural operating procedures. This is what happened to Kathleen Davey, a healthy young woman who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on January 24, 2004. While Kathleen was being resuscitated from her cardiac arrest, her brain suffered an anoxic ischemic injury and she was trapped in a persistent vegetative state until she passed away in July 2013.

The goal of the Global Ischemia Foundation is to find a way to help Kathleen and the tens of thousands of others in a similar condition. Medical technology is helping people with ischemic injuries live, but currently does little to help the brain injured recover their normal function. To get more information about the Foundation and to learn more about Global Ischemia, please visit our website by clicking on the links below. See our news page for the most recent updates on our organizations attempts to help people like Kathleen recover.

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